Three Things to Consider Before Working With an External Recruiter

Working with an external recruiter can be a great way to jump-start your career, but if you want to make headway with one or more agencies, you have to know what to expect. The headhunters at Beacon Resources have put together these three considerations to make before agreeing to work with an external recruiter:


Some External Search Firms Specialize, While Many Others Don’t

 Some recruitment firms specialize in one particular niche, such as healthcare or biotechnology, while others serve several different industries. Though specialty firms are great for some job seekers, generalist firms should not be ignored. For instance, while Beacon Resources serves industries such as aerospace, finance, automotive and healthcare, just to name a few, those looking for finance job opportunities would speak with one of the company’s finance headhunters, whose job focus would be to find the perfect candidate for an executive accounting or other finance position.


How External Recruiters Find Candidates

 While it never hurts to reach out to a recruiting firm with your resume and cover letter, most headhunters do the work themselves. They peruse job boards like Monster and Career Builder, and LinkedIn and other networking sites, for qualified candidates. Additionally, they ask for referrals and look most highly upon those candidates referred by internal employees.


External Recruiters Need to Land the Job Too

 The difference between working with an internal recruiter and an external recruiter is that the external recruiter has the same end goal as you: they want to place you with the employer as badly as you want to be placed with the employer. Why? Because that is how they get paid. As a result, they are willing to help you strategize the best way to present yourself, explain any gaps in employment and grant you insight into the employer’s company culture.


Working with an external recruitment firm can be the best move you make for your career, but only if it’s the right firm. An executive recruitment agency like Beacon Resources specializes in several different industries and employs only those headhunters who want to see their clients succeed. If you’re ready to move forward in your career, contact Beacon Resources today.


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