Smart Ideas to Invest Your First 10,000$

Before deciding where to invest your money, always research, study and talk with a professional first.

Having made this clarification, something you need to understand is the two main factors in investments: risk and time, which you need to consider for each of your decision.

So, if you have 10,000$ to invest, here are some ideas to consider.


Stock Exchange

If you choose to invest in the stock exchange then you can do it for two purposes:

  • Buy the stock and keep it in your portfolio, to ensure that its value increases and to collect dividends
  • To operate on the Stock Exchange for speculative purposes, without any interest towards the company, but with the sole purpose of making a profit, even in a few hours, thanks to the difference between the purchase and sale price of the share

The first case corresponds to the long-term investment: in this case, you have to look for companies that already have a long life realized in profit (or in any case with limited losses). By investing in these actions, you have a good chance of not losing even a penny of your money and also getting a high profit.

If you don’t want to waste time researching in front of your PC day and night, I’ll tell you right away that the best actions to invest in, especially if you are a novice, are those of high capitalization companies (those that are called “blue chips”).

Here is the list of the most important, at this time:

  • Apple
  • Google Inc.
  • Microsoft
  • Exxon Mobile
  • Berkshire
  • Facebook
  • General Electric
  • Johnson
  • Amazon


If ten years ago with your 1o,000$ you would have bought 100 Google shares (which at the time were worth 100 dollars each), today you would have made a gain of 800%. This is the percentage of growth of Google shares for ten years. From 1o,000 dollars, then, today you would have found yourself with more than 80,000 dollars of capital.


Before buying one or more of these stocks, I advise you to look at their price for a while and try to buy them when the price is as low as possible. This is a strategy that you always have to adopt on the stock market: buy at the lowest price and resell when the price has risen enough.



Bonds are nothing more than a loan you make to the state or a private company to get an interest rate in exchange. The loaned capital is repaid to you on expiry. The bonds of private companies are those that pay the most (between 4% and 8%) but do not offer the same guarantees as a state.

The various types of bonds include government bonds with a maximum maturity of up to 12 months that offer very low returns. But you can increase the years of the bonds to get a higher return.


If you buy a Performance bonds on a half-yearly basis, with an issue price of $10,000 and a repayment price of $10,100 at maturity, you will earn $100.



Gold is the safe haven par excellence, whose value fluctuates a lot in the short term, but tends to rise in the medium/long term. Therefore, it is a good alternative only if you are sure that you will not need that money for a few years, otherwise it is better to turn your attention to other forms of investment.

As mentioned, gold represents an excellent investment in the medium/long term, because the price of gold tends to rise for a number of factors:

  • It is difficult to extract, the offer is often lower than the market demand and therefore the price often increases
  • It is chosen by many because it can be sold everywhere (it is known in every country of the world), it is indestructible and is preserved over time
  • It is appreciated by the countries: governements of countries in crisis do nothing but increase their gold reserves as soon as the default becomes closer, precisely to protect themselves from the devaluation of their currency

If you’ve decided to spend your 10,000 dollars in gold, the are different things you can buy. For example, a good choice is the Sprott Money Canadian maple leaf gold coin, which is the official gold bullion coin of Canada.


1 Maple Leaf Gold Coin (1 oz) of a random year is worth approximately $1,350.