5 Fundamental Points To Increase the Value of Your Used Car

Are you going to change your car?

When you decide to sell your used vehicle and go to the dealership, you will probably ask yourself this question:

“How much will my car be valued by buying another one?”

Absolutely normal and legitimate question. So, I want to give you some small tricks (some will seem trivial to you) to get to the dealership prepared and be able to get the most out of your model.

I want to start by suggesting the most obvious things, maybe even discounted ones. To then get to the 3 fundamental points that no one tells you.

Let’s start from the first.


Car Body

The first thing you notice immediately about a car is its bodywork. Any scratch or dent will drop the value of your vehicle. If you can make small repairs, do them.

I advise you not to use systems that are too DIY in this case. Sometimes they will only increase the damage!



Before you go to the dealer, remember to clean your car. Interior and exterior. In this way, in addition to making the evaluation easier and more immediate, it can be evaluated even more!

Sometimes the dress makes the monk. Don’t forget: a clean car will increase its life and your hygiene.

Now let’s move on to the features that may seem less obvious. Not everyone takes them into account, it is always better to remember them.


Car Maintenance Record Book

A serviced car is synonymous with health. Especially if done in authorized service centers and performed with original spare parts.

Always carry the booklet with the service history and invoices/tax receipts of any other interventions (battery replacement, timing belt, brake pad replacement, etc.) and show it to the seller. Without these features your machine will lose value.


Certificate of Ownership

The certificate of ownership is essential: without it, it will be impossible to carry out the transfer of ownership.

What to do in case of loss of the certificate of ownership?

You can obtain a duplicate by applying to your trusted car practices agency.


Property Tax

It will have to be paid regularly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the most out of your car. The dealership will have to pay for it and this will lower the price of your vehicle

If it is not paid in order, being a tax, the tax authorities will demand it in the following years with fines and interest payments.


Double Keys

When evaluating the car, always tell the seller that you have the spare key. When the dealer in turn resells the collected car, he will also have to deliver the second key. Otherwise he will have to duplicate it.

Waste of time and money. The latter is important for several factors: in the event of theft, for example, without the double key it will not be possible to prove the illegal act.


These are the main features that your car must have at the time of collection to get the most out of it. Small tricks that not everyone pays attention to. Arrive prepared for a higher evaluation.

In this way the seller will already be able to see your machine ready for resale.

Infographic Provided by Chrysler Factory Warranty