Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

Better Customer Relations

Social media monitoring is a great way for a business to develop a closer relationship with their clients. There are a few key reasons for this. Firstly, it can help businesses respond to customers in a timely manner. This improves customer service, as most customers expect a brand to respond to an inquiry within four hours. Unfortunately, businesses take at least ten hours to respond, on average. Social media analytics also allow brands to understand what customers want from specific products. By reading comments and searching keywords, businesses can better interact with customers to create positive brand perceptions.  



Using social media tools to become more organized is one of the best uses of this type of technology. For small businesses, maintaining various social media accounts and keeping them responsive is an onerous task. Social media monitoring applications and software tools make it easier to streamline social media accounts and help them become more responsive. This organization process not only eliminates the stress of keeping multiple accounts organized, it also helps the process take considerably less time. Finally, an organized social media presence can make it easier for a brand to grow, as its image will become more cohesive across platforms.  


The Role of Advocates and Influencers

In most industries, social media has become an indispensable and necessary tool in brand management. Notably, the role of brand advocates and influencers cannot be understated. When a brand is promoted by or has positive interaction with users that have significant followings, the brand can be boosted significantly. The usage of social media monitoring can help cultivate more relationships with influencers, as well as deepen existing bonds. This can provide followers and increased traffic for a brand in the online space, as well as translate into additional customers and engagement.  


Understanding Competition

A crucial part of business is understanding competition. This extends into the digital space, as do many other aspects of a brand. High-quality social media monitoring software tools allows for businesses to monitor their competitors. This can be key to a brand’s success, as it provides industry specific insight into what methods work to generate traffic and engagement. Monitoring competitors can also allow businesses to succeed where competitors have failed. Customers are incredibly vocal online, about both good and bad experiences as a customer. Thus, brands can capitalize on services or functionalities that are not provided adequately by the competition.  


Winning Back Customers

Even the best brands don’t always perform perfectly. A few bad tweets or Instagram posts about a company can be extremely detrimental. By using social media monitoring, a brand can respond to bad posts about them, in addition to the good ones. By offering a response, especially one that is actionable and helpful, a customer may continue to use a brand when they otherwise wouldn’t have. This is an extension of customer service and relations and is usually pre-emptive of formal complaints or claims. This can also help a brand seem positive, even when associated with a mistake.  


How NetBase Can Help

NetBase is an incredibly comprehensive social media monitoring software application. It provides affordable and scalable social media tools to brands and businesses all over the world. Their tools for social media listening are intuitive and easy to use, while also providing fantastic insights into a brand’s audience. Furthermore, one of many NetBase tools allows businesses to track their performance and view suggestions on how to grow. NetBase uses an advanced algorithm to understand how audiences grow and interact on social media, making it easier than ever before to grow a successful and recognizable brand.