Are Your Employees Taking You Business for Granted?

Being a nice employer isn’t always rewarded. There’s a stereotype that boss figures are always taking advantage of employees and that they only think about advancing themselves, but there is the rare occasion when an employer legitimately puts the well-being and health and safety of their employees ahead of their own. If you feel like you’re the type of employer that looks after their members of staff, then have you ever considered that your employees are taking you for granted?

There will always be people that work for you who aren’t after the interests of your business but only themselves. They treat your business like a job and not so much a career, meaning all they really care about is the salary and how to get the most amount of money with the least amount of work. If you feel like you have these types of people working at your office, then consider these points and try to weed out those employees who are taking you for granted.


Constantly Being Off Sick

There are laws that prevent employers forcing their members of staff to work, but this can often be abused in favour of the employee. No employer likes to pay their staff members to sit around and be lazy at work, which is why you should consider contact an occupational health assessment service. These services will help you assess an employee’s ability to work after they return from being sick. If you feel like you have been lied to by an employee or if they weren’t able to give you a doctor’s sick note, then you have all the right to question their motives and if they actually care about your business or if they are just in it for the money. If it’s the latter (it most likely always is) then you should have no regrets firing an employee who is willing to take your kindness for granted.

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Ordering Too Many Things

When you operate a business such as an office or a computer repair store, you might notice that you’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of money on things that you don’t see a use for. There are, unfortunately, some people in the world who are willing to buy things for themselves using your company credit card. For example, they might order some extra stacks of paper, printer ink, or even tools that should be kept in a company workshop to be used for business purposes. As business expenses, these are exempt from additional fees and since you can buy them wholesale, it’s much cheaper than going to a store and buying them. As a result, many brave employees will likely buy extra things in your name for your business and take them away. To prevent this, make sure you do regular stock checks and if you catch someone in action stealing things, you have every reason to fire them or even call the local authorities and have them arrested for stealing company assets.



These are just a few ways in which an employee can take your business for granted. It’s important that you always remain vigilant and stand your ground no matter how nice you want to appear on the exterior—never let people take advantage of your kindness!


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