5 Reasons To Choose A Private Bullion Vault Storage Facility

If you own gold bullion and you want to keep it safe, there are certainly a number of storage options. However, a private vault storage facility will offer the most comprehension protection for your valuable gold.

Both gold and silver bullion tends to be a popular choice for investors who want to hedge risk in their investment portfolios, but owning physical coins and bars does necessitate adequate storage. Below, we look at five reasons why choosing a highly secure gold bullion storage at Australasian Vaulting Industries and similar facilities is an option for precious metal collectors.ù


1. Avoid Confiscation

If you realize that you do not want to store your precious metals at home, keeping them in a safety deposit box is the best way to go. But, if you decide to use a bank’s safety deposit box, there is a chance that your gold investments could be legally confiscated by the government should it be deemed illegal to possess monetary gold bullion. Interestingly, in Australia, the federal government has seized in the region of hundreds of millions of dollars held in people’s dormant accounts. Another consideration is that the bank might fail and you won’t be able to access your gold when you need it.


2. Protection from Thieves

People who invest in gold bullion may be tempted to store their assets in their home. This is certainly a low-cost option, but it is fraught with risks. One of the biggest dangers is that the bullion will be stolen. Not only could opportunistic thieves find your precious investment, but the most experienced among them may target you if they know you have valuables on your property.


3. World-Class Security

Secure vaulting storage offers sophisticated security protection to ensure the safety of people’s gold investments. Typically, the vaults have a range of both physical and electronic measures to safeguard gold bullion, including unique pin codes, photo recognition, and video surveillance. Facilities may also offer passive infrared sensors, seismic detectors, and even independent monitoring.


4. Flexibility

With so many safety deposit box and storage options on the market, privately owned and managed vault storage facilities offer handy flexibility for small and large-scale gold bullion investors. Whether you want to upsize or downsize your current storage requirements, or it is your first time looking for a storage facility, consider a private vault.


5. Comprehensive Insurance

Often, homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover stolen, damaged, or lost gold or silver. Even the policies to do are not likely to provide full cover, particularly for large quantities worth a great deal of money. Top-of-the-range private vault facilities offer a good variety of insurance options to guarantee you that your bullion is completely protected should something go wrong. Established vault facilities usually have solid relationships with world-class insurance providers and they often engage the services of risk assessment specialists who evaluate the quality of the vaults.


We hope that the points we’ve discussed helped you decide why you should invest in vault storage for your gold bullion.